Don’t Discard it…Donate it!

Every day, companies, organizations, and institutions throw away usable goods that still have a lot of value, while their counterparts in poorer communities struggle with inadequate resources. WE CAN HELP!

2 A GOOD CAUSE can help you donate, rather than discard, your excess usable goods and services to local, community-based nonprofit agencies, including food pantries, food programs, homeless shelters, zoos, schools, youth and women’s shelters, centers for the disabled, and other important agencies in Alameda, Contra Costa, Sacramento and San Francisco Counties.

At the same time, we are helping to heal the planet. 2 A Good Cause keeps more than 24 tons of goods out of local landfills every year.

Why waste while others are in need?

2 A Good Cause, Inc., a 501c(3) org., was established in 2006 to help non-profit organizations meet their needs through creative reuse and repurposing. We provide non-profit organizations with supportive connections to businesses within their own communities in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

We are dedicated to assisting agencies meet their short and long term needs through relationship building and networking with businesses, industries, and individuals who are willing to donate their goods and services.

Many of the non-profit agencies we serve depend on donations to help their clients in this very difficult economic time.

Your donation helps us continue our work.

Some of Our Projects

2 A Good Cause, Inc. is here to help non-profit agencies make the most of their funding, and donor dollars. These include Food Banks, Hospitals & Clinics, Schools, Women’s Shelters, Libraries, Drop-in Centers for teens and seniors, Museums, and Animal rescue.

Books – Books – Books

We make children’s books available at food distribution centers. While adults are getting food for their family’s bodies, their children can pick out a book to nourish their imagination. Adults can concentrate better on the job at hand with the young ones occupied. We choose three public schools annually to receive books and other learning aids that fill empty shelves in libraries and classrooms. Teachers appreciate being able to give a child a book for a job well done. For some it’s the first book they’ll own.

Food – Clothing – and Shelter

We donate food, clothing, emergency supplies, and hygiene kits to distribution and drop-in centers. Bedding, household goods, and small appliances are a boon to those leaving the Shelter and setting up their own place.

Animal Services

We help meet the needs of animal shelters, zoos, SPCA, and wildlife rehabilitation programs. Thanks to our efforts, several zoos across the western United States are getting less than perfect or wilted produce from grocers that would normally be put in the trash or compost bin. Less than perfect towels go here too – to sooth and clean our animal friends.

Social Service Agencies served in 2016

Alameda County Food Bank • Ankh Service Center • Berkeley Food and Housing • Berkeley Men’s Shelter • Berkeley Senior Center • Berkeley Women’s Shelter • Building Bridges • California College of the Arts • Contra Costa Hospice • Davis St. Family Service Center • East Bay Sanctuary Movement • Emeryville Senior Center • First Place for Youth • Friends of the Oakland Public Library • Habitat for Humanity • Huckleberry House • Jewish Family Services • ​La Clínica de la Raza • Lava Mae • Manna from Heaven • Medshare • Oakland Museum • Oakland Senior Center • San Francisco Playhouse • Shalom Bayit • St. Mary’s Center Preschool • Street Level Health Project • Studio One • Telegraph Baptist • Temple Beth Jacob • Temple Sinai • The Book Project • The Marsh • The Plant Exchange • The Princess Project • The Rose Foundation • Urban University • Victory Gardens • Volunteers of America • Wardrobe for Opportunity • Women’s Daytime Drop-in Center • Youth Spirit Artworks

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